Insurance Pitfalls

It is easy to assume that since you have a homeowners (or renters policy) and auto policy that you would be insured for anything that could happen.  That might not be the case.  Here are some insurance pitfalls to watch … Read More

Avoid Winter Perils

Snow-covered and slippery sidewalks and driveways aren’t the only headaches we face each winter. Unfortunately, many homeowners learn too late about the damage ice dams and bursting pipes can cause to ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture. Fortunately, you can avoid … Read More

Inland Flood & Cyber Protection

The insurance industry is very good at developing new products to meet the demands of the consumer. Recent developments include Equipment Breakdown, Service Line Protection, Inland Flood, and Cyber Protection. This month I will provide details on the Inland Flood and Cyber … Read More

Protect Against Identity Theft

All too often on the news, we hear about the latest identity theft tactic or a data breach that occurred at a big box retailer, financial institution, or in the cloud. Identity theft affects 12.6 million victims a year and … Read More

Obamacare – Edition 6

This is the sixth time I have written on this topic since December 2012. There have been a couple newsworthy events since my last article on this topic in September. The Iowa Stopgap Measure was pulled from consideration. This left … Read More